Omega-A Hair Groom (Easy Comb)

One of the causes of hair loss or hair breakage is when the hair is not adequately moisturized or nourished or when the hair is excessively stressed during combing as a result of tangling.

Omega- A Hair Groom (Easy Comb) is specially formulated to relieving these damages. Its blend of ingredients helps to:

  • Promote Hair Growth.
  • Ease Hair Combing.
  • Prevents Hair Breakage.
  • Repairs Split Ends.
  • Detangles Hairs and Weave-on.
  • Repairs Tangled Weave-on.
  • Extra Hair/ Weave- on Shiner.


Alkyl ammonium Quaternary, coconut oil, Shea butter, Silicon oil, Mineral oil, Glycerin, Petroleum Jelly.

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